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Summer Webinar Stories

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Long days and cool nights, summer usually offers us an opportunity to get outside and enjoy some extracurricular activities like camping. This year, however, summer fun is going to have to take a different — more virtual — form.

That’s why we put together the Summer Webinar Stories miniseries. Join us on June 24, 25 and 26 as we kick off the summer of 2020 with three webinars filled to the brim with summer stories of success and excitement. Here’s what’s in store:

7 Stories that Drive Webinar Excitement

Engaging stories are exciting stories. So, how can you gin up some excitement with your audience?

Tune in to “7 Stories that Drive Webinar Excitement,” on June 24 to learn how you can weave excitement and engagement into your webinars. During this event, you’ll learn how:

  • Gamification can make complex data digestible and fun
  • Video drives attention and engages audiences 
  • You can use several formats to tell your story and interact with audiences

Grab your trusty notebook, ready for some great webinar tips and don’t forget to bring your own s’mores!

Stories of Success from ON24 Webinar Experts

It’s a timeless story: a humble webinerd is faced with a slew of challenges, overcomes them and becomes a webinar hero. But how can you make that story your own?

Join us on June 25 for “Stories of Success from ON24 Webinar Experts,” to learn how, in 2018, three webinerds took their webinar programs to the next level and how they planned for success in the following year.

During this simulive recast, you’ll:

  • Discover battle-proven templates that’ll take your events to the next level 
  • Learn the best practices behind webinerd success 
  • Get powerful inspiration for webinar planning 

Register now to hear how these webinar veterans drove success!

Webinar Horror Stories and How To Solve Them

Slides not loading, internet connections dropping out halfway through — we all have our own webinar horror stories. Well, it’s time to share those webinar scares.

Join us on June 26 for “Webinar Horror Stories and How to Solve Them,” as webinar practitioners like you share their most epic webinar #fails. But don’t worry: ON24 experts will be on-hand to offer their expertise and explain how you can avoid your own webinar scares.

Tune in on June 26 to hear:

  • Some of the scariest — and funniest — webinar #fails faced by real webinar practitioners 
  • Expert guidance on how you can avoid the most common webinar mistakes 
  • What ON24 experts would do to prevent the most horrific webinar fails

Register now to save your spot at the webinar campfire. Don’t forget your flashlight!