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Stories of Success from ON24 Webinar Experts

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It’s a timeless story: a humble webinerd is faced with a slew of challenges, overcomes them and becomes a webinar hero. But how can you make that story your own? 

Watch “Stories of Success from ON24 Webinar Experts,” to learn how, in 2018, three webinerds took their webinar programs to the next level and how they planned for success in the following year. 

During this simulive recast, you’ll: 

  • Discover battle-proven templates that’ll take your events to the next level 
  • Learn the best practices behind webinerd success 
  • Get powerful inspiration for webinar planning 

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Sheri Butts, Marketing Manager, G3 Communications

Joshua Chelmo, Marketing Manager, Collette Travel

Alison Doherty, Marketing Operations & Webinar Specialist, Pegasystems