Report: SiriusDecisions Rethinking Webinars for Demand Gen

Are you Maximizing Your Webinars?

Year after year, SiriusDecisions finds that webinars are the top-rated marketing channel for engaging audiences and generating demand. That’s why marketers must continue to innovate their webinar strategy and execution to realize their potential.

By taking advantage of modern webinar technologies, marketers can enrich the audience experience with two-way interactivity, turn that audience behavior into actionable data and use webinars across the buyers’ journey. Download the SiriusDecisions’ report, “Rethinking Webinars for Demand Generation,” to understand:

  • How to build and operationalize your webinar program
  • How to optimize webinars to surface buyer signals
  • How to align webinar programs with demand generation objectives
  • Don’t take your webinars for granted – evolve them to maximize audience engagement and your results.

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