Insight50 Takeaways: Humanising the Digital Marketing Experience

Digital technologies have given marketers the ability to collect and act on data like never before. A single marketer can reach thousands of potential buyers regardless of geography or time zone through a huge variety of channels. Furthermore, automation can make much of this activity always-on.

However, technology means that bad marketing is too easy – as a result, we all see attempts to connect that feel impersonal and spammy. We switch off from outreach attempts or even provide false contact details to avoid inboxes being filled and phones ringing non-stop.

So how can marketers stand out and make their marketing personal, while at the same time operating at scale?

To explore this issue, ON24 brought together expert panellists with B2B marketers to get answers to this question.

Download the report to get advice and guidance on how you can humanise the digital experience, with input from from Joel Harrison, Editor-in-Chief at B2B Marketing, Leanne Chescoe, Senior Field Marketing EMEA at Demandbase, and Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing.

Areas covered include:

  • Why do we need to be human in a digital world?
  • How can a scaled approach go wrong?
  • What are the foundations of a scalable and human digital marketing process?
  • How can a scaled approach be made better?