7 Secrets to Avoid a Boring Webinar

Speaker: Mark Bornstein,
Chief Webinerd and VP of Marketing, ON24

In the past few years, webinars have evolved from boring talking PowerPoint presentations to engaging, interactive audience experiences. You simply have to learn how.

Join VP of Marketing & Chief Webinerd at ON24, Mark Bornstein, as he reveals his “7 Secrets to Avoid a Boring Webinar”, which will be packed with tips and best practices for delivering an experience that will leave your audience wanting more.

In this interactive webinar replay, you will learn:

  • How to increase audience interactivity
  • More engaging webinar formats
  • Fun ways to “gamify” your webinars
  • Easy ways to integrate video into your webinars

This is your chance to make sure your webinars stand out from the rest. Register now.

Watch the Webinar