Engaging ON24


The criteria for selecting vendors vary, but always involve an assessment of the solution and the company.  Attending this webinar will help you assess ON24, both as a business tool and as a business partner.

Featuring a panel of ON24 customers and senior executives, Engaging ON24 is an opportunity to ask and get answers to your questions about becoming a part of the ON24 community, including:

  • How can ON24 create business value?
  • What resources will we need to succeed?
  • How will ON24 work with us to support and improve our webinar program?
  • Which integration options make sense for us?
  • Where is the ON24 platform going?

Alena Larson, Sr. Director, Demand Generation, Optum
Sarah Danzl, Director of Communications, Degreed
Christine Aletras, Associate Marketing Manager, B2B, WW (formerly WeightWatchers)

Pat Hoey, VP, Sales
Chris Dishman, VP, Customer Success
Mark Szelenyi, VP, Product Management
Neal Amsden, VP, Demand Generation