How B2B leaders maximise webinars as a channel for effective lead generation

London Research Director Linus Gregoriadis looks at how B2B lead generation leaders are using the webinars as part of a successful demand generation strategy.

Based on the 2019 State of B2B Lead Generation report, produced by London Research in partnership with ON24, the session will explore how companies reap the benefits when they approach webinars in a more sophisticated way than those companies lower down the webinar maturity curve.

The webinar will cover how lead generation leaders ensure they optimise webinars at every stage of the process to extract maximum value, including how companies need to match content with their audience, promote on-demand webinars to maximise engagement, and learn from feedback to improve content and delivery.

The session will provide viewers with clear recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of webinars in the context of lead generation and, ultimately, sales.

Anthony Botibol, VP of Marketing at BlueVenn, will be joining the webinar to share his experiences running webinar campaigns as part of his company’s thought leadership and demand generation programmes.