How Manufacturing can Leverage Digital Experiences, Connect with Distributors and Enhance Marketing Effectiveness

In the world of manufacturing, the relationship between supplier and distributor has a direct impact on sales and business growth. But building and maintaining those key relationships in a digital world can seem daunting for manufacturers who are used to relying on face-to-face meetings and events to drive their bottom line. 

Download “Marketing to the Distributor,” for an in-depth look at how leading machine manufacturer Fugiat, uses digital experiences to transform their relationship with distributors, showcase physical products in a digital world, and drive sales all the way down the supply chain. You’ll see firsthand how they:

  • Get products to market without in-person touchpoints 
  • Help distributors resell products with customized multimedia content that support their marketing efforts.
  • Communicate updates, improvements, and additions to product lines, portfolios and techniques using webinars and digital events.
  • Grow their distribution network with thought-leadership content and certification opportunities. 

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