Is Digital Fatigue Real? Survey Says...

Marketers have proven their ability to adapt to the expectations of today’s digitally accelerated world. Yet, with the dramatic increase of virtual events available to audiences, it’s become more difficult to capture their attention.  That raises the question – do audiences crave more than what events are currently delivering? 

New research from ON24 and Heinz Marketing explores the differences between what audiences expect from events compared to how marketers and sellers deliver those events. According to our research, marketers focused less on personalization even though 85% of audiences said they expect increased personalization for future events. This signals a major gap that needs to be addressed. 

Join us for “Is Digital Fatigue Real? Survey Says…Cheri Hulse, VP of Research & Strategy, ON24, and Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, will share additional findings from the survey and discuss how teams can personalize their outreach to create engaging experiences that keep audiences coming back for more. 

By attending, you’ll learn: 

  • How virtual events and digital experiences meet the expectations of today’s audience 
  • Best practices and recommendations for personalization throughout the event lifecycle 
  • How to incorporate these personalization strategies into your events in 2022  

Plus, you’ll get the chance to interact LIVE with Matt and Cheri to share how YOU feel. 

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Is Digital Fatigue Real? Survey Says...

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