#Winning: Surefire Ways for Marketing to Earn Sales Kudos

The sales and marketing relationship can feel like an endless blame game. More frustrating, the root of the conflict is often not even performance-related. Lack of communication, disparate technology systems, data silos, different metrics and separate goals are the most common contributors of friction between our two organizations.

So, how can marketers get ahead of these issues before they happen and truly partner with sales?

Watch this panel webinar and hear from seasoned marketing leaders at Heinz Marketing, Iron Horse Interactive, Netline, and ON24 to learn how to create a successful marketing and sales relationship, including:

  • How to manage key stakeholders and goals on both sides
  • What tools and techniques make for an efficient sales hand over
  • Marketing qualification do’s and don’ts
  • Tips and tricks for effective sales communication
  • Proven ways for marketing to add value to a salesperson’s day-to-day

Watch “#Winning: Surefire Ways for Marketing to Earn Sales Kudos” for tips on jumpstarting your collaborative sales-marketing relationship.