Insight50: Simplifying International Marketing
Global marketing is the new normal, as any business with an internet presence opens itself up to a world of opportunity. And according to attendees for ON24’s latest webinar, more than half say they have seen success with international marketing.

But almost seven in 10 of those same attendees also said that running campaigns in international markets is complex. Taking business to new territories is not straightforward, with marketers reporting multiple challenges.

So how can we make the most of the international opportunity, while at the same time keeping things simple?

To explore this issue, ON24 brought together expert panellists with international marketers to get answers to this key question.

Download the report to get advice and guidance on how you can simplify international marketing, with input from Michael Meinhardt, CEO at Cloudwords, Peter Bell, Marketing Director at Marketo and Paula Morris, Founder at Pi Marketing.

Areas covered include:

  • Why localisation is more than translation
  • How to tier your approaches to international marketing – and why you shouldn’t do everything at once
  • The importance of strategy and testing in an international go-to-market plan