Keeping up with lead generation and opportunity targets can be hard work. But what are marketers doing today to keep up – and what new tactics should they be following to improve even further in 2019?

ON24’s Insight50 Takeaways report distills down the key highlights from our webinar sessions. Download the report to hear expert input from Isabel Montesdeoca, Senior Director of EMEA Research at SiriusDecisions, and Ryan Grable, Vice President of Global Digital Demand Generation at Genesys.

Key highlights include:

  • How advanced are B2B marketers today?
  • What are the key challenges for lead generation and pipeline – and how do we solve them?
  • How long is the average sales cycle – and how can we speed it up?
  • How does account-based marketing fit in?
  • Why marketers need to become their own ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to unlock further success and drive pipeline wins.