How Stricter Data Made Us Better Marketers

One year on from the implementation of the EU’s GDPR regulation, we speak to industry experts and marketers who have found themselves delivering better campaigns, more qualified MQLs and stronger pipeline, all as a result of cleaning house.

Although delving into your data can feel like opening the Pandoras Box of your marketing, a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and a fearless approach to removing and segmenting data can deliver huge improvements to your marketing campaigns.

In this month’s interactive Q&A webinar, we’ll be joined by:

  • Sean Donnelly, Consultant at Econsultancy
  • James McLeod, Head of Sales and Leadscale
  • Hellen Beveridge, Privacy and Compliance for Data Oversight

So, put your questions to the experts and discover:

  • The most effective approaches to cleaning up your legacy data
  • Actionable advice for adding useable new contacts
  • Best practices for identifying and segmenting personas in your data
  • Campaign personalisation hints and tips
  • How to measure the impact on your marketing campaigns

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