Simplifying International Marketing

The campaign looks amazing. The story is engaging. Your nurture stream is a marketing automation wonder. But…

Why is your email campaign failing in France? How come pipeline conversion in Germany is way below average? And why is your Spanish team telling you this is a disaster?

An international marketing campaign is far from a case of “clone and go”, so for this month’s Insight50, we have experts from Marketo, Cloudwords and Pi Marketing to help you create a marketing campaign which transcends borders.


  • The key steps to successful local translations
  • How to segment and target your database
  • How to test and adapt campaigns for new markets
  • Best practices for benchmarking regional performance
  • Tips for aligning with local teams

Joining us to answer your questions are:

  • Michael Meinhardt: CEO at Cloudwords
  • Peter Bell: Marketing Director at Marketo (an Adobe Company)
  • Paula Morris: Founder at Pi Marketing

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