ABC: How Marketers Can Help Sales To Always Be Closing


All B2B marketers that work with sales teams know they need to generate a constant stream of fresh leads – and we feel the pressure towards the end of every month, quarter and year. But marketing’s responsibility shouldn’t just end when a prospect becomes an MQL. As champions of customer experience, we need to think about the entire journey and ultimately how that converts into revenue.

However, there’s a balancing act to be had between sales and marketing. While marketing needs to have some control over the customer, too much and the relationship between the two can become strained. But too little can lead to an inconsistent experience, difficulties in measuring each stage of the pipeline and a missed opportunity for marketing to prove its value.

So what should marketers be doing to help sales close leads and accounts once they’ve been qualified and accepted? And how can this be done in a way that makes sales and marketing teams BFFs?

Join this Insight50 webinar to have experts answer your questions about helping sales to always be closing, without getting in the way of sealing deals. Discover:

  • How to effectively enable sales teams with content and collateral.
  • How to provide intelligence to sales teams to guide high-quality conversations.
  • What techniques and campaigns work best for collaborative outreach – including account-based approaches.
  • How to use technology to make it easy for sales pros to maintain SLAs and data quality.
  • What not to do to keep sales and marketing working smoothly together.