Marketing Strategy for 2020

Thinking of a strategy for the year ahead can be a real challenge given the complexity of B2B marketing. Coming up with new messaging, addressing increased targets, upgrading technology and improving measurement, working more closely with sales…the list can be endless.

So, what are the vital steps when getting your marketing strategy in order? What are the key trends and challenges for 2020 that you should look to incorporate in your efforts? And how can you make sure your prospects engage when the market is so full of noise?

In this interactive panel webinar, we’ll explore how you can create a winning strategy for 2020 with less stress and greater impact.

Join this Insight50 session to have your questions answered and discover:

  • What benchmark data you should use when planning your marketing strategy
  • What metrics and KPIs you should consider for the year ahead
  • Scrappy tactics and optimisation approaches to deliver more with less
  • How to make the case for a wider budget
  • How you can get sign off and buy-in so you can hit the ground running