Ask About: Regulation

No bad questions. Just great answers

To paraphrase a famous line: With great regulation comes great responsibility*.

While topics like GDPR can strike fear into a marketer’s heart, for some this is the driving force behind a compelling marketing campaign.

This interactive panel discussion, Insight50. Ask About: Regulation, will look at how marketers (working alongside other business stakeholders such as compliance, legal and internal comms) can deliver timely and impactful campaigns around regulatory change.

With a panel including speakers from Henley Business School and My Inhouse Lawyer, this webinar will include audience Q&As on:

  • Different mechanisms for to go-to-market
  • Successfully aligning with other business stakeholders
  • Optimising the time of company commentators
  • Achieving a quick response to regulatory opportunities
  • Overcoming key challenges, such as speed to market, content lifespan and market differentiation

Watch now.


* Actually, on review that should read ‘great opportunity’.