Using People, Process, Tech and Data to Maximise Revenue

B2B marketing has completely changed in the last decade. Buyers now conduct most of their research online and complete much of the process by themselves before connecting with suppliers. New technology solutions and masses of data mean that all of this should enable prospects to be reached while they are at these early stages and help nurture them ready for sales. But it’s far from straightforward to create a marketing function that puts this into place.

Marketing operations should fill in the gap, but a study by Econsultancy and Sojourn Solutions has found that even for enterprise companies with a marketing operations team, 50% don’t have the knowledge and skills required – with similar percentages not able to predict revenue or even identify the right technology to achieve marketing objectives.

So what is marketing operations? From managing the optimal tech stack, to building MQL models, aligning with sales ops and data management (not to mention GDPR), there are many elements at play – all of which make the difference between average and stellar marketing performance.

Join this Insight50 webinar to have experts answer your questions and help you create a top performing marketing operations team. Discover:

  • How marketing operations can deliver a fantastic buyer experience
  • How to find and develop the people required for effective marketing operations
  • How to develop a process that ties sales and marketing together through technology
  • Common tech and data mistakes – and how to overcome them
  • The quick wins and first steps for marketing operation
  • How to manage expectations as you improve your capability