How Should B2B Marketers Approach Optimisation?

Your ad creative has been changed dozens of times. You’ve tweaked your landing pages, email cadences and lead scoring criteria. But there’s still something wrong. 

Sales needs more leads and the MQLs you are getting aren’t converting to opportunities. And the bottom line doesn’t look good – the finance team claims your marketing team’s contribution to revenue is lacking.  Why could this be the case? And what are the quick wins that will help you get in a better position before 2020’s budgets are reviewed?

In this interactive panel webinar, we’ll explore how marketers can use optimisation and data across the entire customer journey to both drive and demonstrate marketing value.

Join this Insight50 session to have your questions asked and discover:

  • Where should you start with optimisation?
  • What are the hacks and shortcuts to quickly increase marketing’s value?
  • How can you use optimisation across the entire journey – from acquisition to active sales opportunities?
  • How can you use data to better attribute marketing’s contribution?
  • How can you build an optimisation culture across the entire customer journey.