How To Scale Your Demand Generation Campaigns and Boost Marketing Pipeline






  • Andrew Warren-Payne – Moderator (Market2Marketers)
  • Emily Smith – EMEA Marketing Director, ON24
  • Christopher Parry – Commercial Director, Leadscale
  • Stevyn Kemp – Global Webinar Execution Specialist, NetApp


B2B marketers are always under pressure to deliver more leads to sales, especially in the final half of the year. But they are also asked to show how the leads they deliver convert into opportunities and the impact on the bottom line. So what are the key steps that you should be taking to ramp up both volume and value?

Attend “How To Scale Your Demand Generation Campaigns and Boost Marketing Pipeline,” where leaders from ON24, LEADSCALE and a special guest speaker, will show you the secrets that will take your marketing success to the next level. Join us as we reveal:

  • How to broaden your reach to attract new leads and accounts
  • How to select partners and agencies to scale your results fast
  • The content types and webinars that perform best across different markets and funnel stages
  • Winning strategies to nurture your fresh leads right through to engaged sales conversations and marketing pipeline

Plus: proving there is sometimes a free lunch, the first 100 registrants to sign up and attend live will get an UberEats voucher so you can lunch n’ learn!

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