How to Scale Your B2B Marketing In 2022: What to Plan and Budget for Success

Andrew Warren-Payne – Moderator, Market2Marketers
Emily Smith – EMEA Marketing Director, ON24
Christopher Parry – Commercial Director, LEADSCALE
Stevyn Kemp – Global Webinar Execution Specialist, NetApp




For B2B marketers, the final quarter of the year can be the most challenging. Not only do they have to rush to meet year-end goals — they also need to plan for next year’s targets, decide on tactics, and make the case for the budget needed to succeed. However, as uncertainty prevails and buyer behaviours continue to change, deciding on a winning approach is harder than ever. So what approaches are likely to deliver results in 2022?

In this session with ON24, LEADSCALE and a special guest speaker, we’ll be showing you the tactics that will help you scale your marketing in the year ahead. Join us as we discuss:

  • How to make the most of increased digital buyer behaviour to generate more leads for sales.
  • The steps that will enable you to expand into new or promising markets.
  • How to use hybrid and virtual events to increase reach and connect with high-value customers.
  • How to win the budget you need with the analysis that the CFO will embrace.

Plus: proving there is sometimes a free lunch, the first 100 registrants to sign up and attend live will get an UberEats voucher so you can lunch and learn!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the webinar now and get ready for 2022!

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