How To Make Sure Your Leads and Accounts Are Truly Sales-Ready






  • Andrew Warren-Payne – Moderator (Market2Marketers)
  • Emily Smith – EMEA Marketing Director, ON24
  • Robin Caller – Managing Director, Overmore Group
  • Eliot Freed – Global Experiences & Digital Events Manager, Ericsson

Today’s technology provides B2B marketers with more power than ever to reach audiences, collect valuable data and qualify prospects before handing them over to sales. However, even when marketers have access to the most advanced marketing automation systems, too many marketing qualified leads get rejected by sales. This can naturally cause a lot of frustration between two teams that ultimately have the same goals.

So before pointing the finger at our sales colleagues, how can we make sure that the leads and accounts that marketing qualifies are willing to have a conversation with sales?

Join experts from ON24, LEADSCALE and Ericsson to learn about the foundations of a successful webinar series. You’ll discover:

  • The true cost of letting bad data into your pipeline
  • The strategies for winning consent and permission through valuable offers and engagement
  • The types of engagement that are most powerful for driving sales conversations and how to foster that
  • How to best collaborate with sales so marketing delivers a growing impact on pipeline
  • Why data validation and data quality is so important for qualifying leads and sales enablement and why cleaning your existing data can pay dividends

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