How to Create a Digital Roadshow Experience

Bringing audiences and products together is not an easy endeavor. That’s why a lot of B2B marketers loved putting on roadshows — where you would hit the road and lure audiences to a demo or a pitch in person with a free lunch. 

But 2020 put roadshows on hold. Or did it? Turns out, you can still drive amazing engagement when you hit the virtual road. 

Learn how to create amazing digital roadshow experiences with our free guide, “ON24 Marketing Playbook: How to Create a Digital Roadshow Experience.” 

In it, you’ll learn how to craft unique experiences that will engage prospects and draw out the accounts that are ready to convert. Download now to learn how to: 

  • Plan, promote and build roadshow experiences targeted to unique audiences 
  • Effectively coordinate with sales and ensure they get the data they need to bring accounts to a close
  • Optimize your roadshow experience for the best results and create on-demand engagement 

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