How Marketers Maximize Return on Engagement (and ROI) with Virtual & Hybrid Events

2020 transformed how businesses approached events. In-person conferences went digital, roadshows took to the internet and digital events like webinars became the de-facto way business got done. Now, hybrid events  — virtual gatherings where both digital and physical elements are incorporated — are at the top of the digital marketer’s mind. 

To learn more about how marketers are navigating the virtual and hybrid event waters, we teamed up with Heinz Marketing and Market2Marketers and asked 200 B2B marketers about their thoughts in a survey. 

The result is our report, “The Future of Events Report” In this report, you’ll learn:  

  • How digital events impact a marketer’s world — from pipeline and sales to branding and partnerships
  • How marketers plan to use digital and hybrid events to enhance their event portfolios 
  • Key recommendations on when, where and how to use hybrid events for both B2B marketers and event organizers

Download now.