How Ingram Micro’s On Demand Strategy Boosts Lead Quality, Quantity

Speaker: Sam Ancliff, Senior Marketing Executive, Ingram Micro Cloud

The ideal buying journey is a straight line from discovery to purchase. But how often do prospects actually follow that path?

Not very often. That’s why crafting a buying journey that’s always on and always ready to engage is so critical for modern B2B marketing. But how can you get started?  

Sam Ancliff, Senior Marketing Executive, Ingram Micro Cloud, shows us how his team set up an always on demand generation machine with ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Connect. With its system in place, Ingram Micro Cloud has cut down on manual work and automatically routes each prospect down the right nurture program. 

The result? Amazing, seamless experiences that help straighten out and accelerate buying journeys at any stage, anytime. 

During this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can: 

  • Provide a seamless on-demand experience that keeps audiences coming back for more
  • Use multiple ON24 Engagement Hub instances for easy content curation
  • Capture, analyze and automate nurture programs based on buyer actions and engagement


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