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Sip and Learn: A Virtual Tea Tasting Experience

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July 7, 2021
| 3:00PM SGT

Have you ever heard of a tea buzz? Just like fine wine, there’s a lot more to tea than meets the eye. Leaf style, terroir, harvest and processing technique all play a role in that first moment when tea meets tongue.

Join us for “Sip and Learn: A Virtual Tea Tasting Experience,” where you’ll learn the art and science of steeping, smelling and sipping some of the most premium Chinese teas on the market. We’ll send you all the essentials (minus your guests) to host an authentic Chinese tea party from the comfort of your home.

Highlights include:

  • An introduction to the different categories of tea leaves
  • An overview of Chinese tea history & culture
  • How to brew and enjoy a cup of tea, the traditional way
  • The positive impact of tea on your health

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