ON24 Virtual Environment

Tom Masotto, VP + General Manager, Marketing Solutions, ON24
Scott Henry, Director, Product Management, ON24

In-person marketing events in 2021 are still TBD. So, how can you keep your tentpole event engagement going in the new year? Learn how to plan for a digital-first strategy with the ON24 Digital Engagement Platform and ON24 Virtual Environment.

During this demo, ON24 experts Tom Masotto, VP and General Manager of Marketing Solutions, and Scott Henry, Director of Product Management, show you how ON24 Virtual Environment can help you move your planned physical events into a virtual space that’s easy to navigate. Join us to learn how you can:

  • Create an immersive live digital experience, complete with breakout sessions, networking opportunities and meeting rooms
  • Best practices for replicating a physical event in a digital environment
  • Use insights from real-world Virtual Environment examples
  • Create hybrid or all-digital events your audiences will love.

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