PromoteFH: How to Drive Webinar Registration from Afar

Getting global audiences on the same page is hard enough given even ideal conditions. But in a world where most of your audience is working from home in different time zones? Well, that’s not easy. 

But you’re not alone. Tune in to “PromoteFH: How to Drive Webinar Registration from Afar” as our own Alexa Clauson and Ornaith Killen show you how you can organize and promote your webinars from home and afar. During this short 20-minute event, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Organize speakers and event assets from anywhere in the world
  • Synchronize promotions and time your virtual events to drive the biggest impact 
  • Keep your internal teams aligned and prepped for success
  • Keep audiences engaged before to the webinar with related content and more 
  • Continue generating registrations and engagement with on-demand events

Just because the world has gone WFH doesn’t mean you can’t PromoteFH. Register now to learn how you can get it done.