Back 2 Basics

It’s hot outside. Everyone is at max capacity. We need more hours in the day. Life may be complicated, but your webinars don’t have to be. Tune in to our three-part series “Back 2 Basics: Three Webinars to Tell You All you Need To Know for Planning, Promoting and Delivering a Live Webinar”,  to learn how you can get past the distracting fluff and make making webinars easy.

In this series, we’ll give you the must-knows for creating an awesome digital experience before, during and after your webinar. So, take a look at your curriculum below, register for your preferred event(s) and get your events up so fast that you actually have time to relax:

  • Before the Webinar – Discover the basics of quick webinar promotion — from Marketo templates to the types of email you ought to send
  • During the Webinar – What should your audience do during the webinar? Tune in to learn how you can easily integrate engagement tools, design your webinar console and encourage engagement
  • After the Webinar – What do you do when the webinar is over? Discover how you can easily reuse your content, the differences between on-demand and simulive and how you can give your on-demand audience a stellar experience

It’s time to get back to webinar basics. Watch now to get started.

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