Redefining Virtual Events and Conferences

Speaker: Mark Bornstein, VP Marketing at ON24

When conferences and events were all forced to move online, going virtual seemed like a temporary solution, a band-aid, to get us through a crisis. But after 12 months of delivering highly successful digital events, many companies announced they were never going back. 

Attend “Redefining Virtual Events and Conferences,” and learn how to transform your event strategy for a new future. In this session, you will get best practices for delivering different types and styles of highly impactful event experiences that your audiences will love. 

Key topics include:

  • How to create digital events of all sizes and types
  • Optimising events around audience engagement
  • Scaling events for multiple geographies
  • How to convert audience engagement into actionable data

This is your chance to prepare for a new event future.

Watch the Webinar