How To Successfully Localise and Translate Your Events, Presentations and More

Emily Smith – EMEA Marketing Director, ON24
Annett Polaszewski-Plath – CEO, Interprefy
Tim Johnston – Senior Director, Demand Generation, APJ, ON24
Andrew Warren-Payne – Founder, Marketing for Marketers

The shift to digital ways of working has made it easier than ever to reach audiences anywhere in the world in new markets, especially when it comes to running events, delivering presentations or sharing live insights — particularly when more people than ever are working remotely. But while this shift provides the potential to connect with those in new markets and regions, driving engagement and results is another matter altogether. So what ingredients do marketers and event organisers need to scale at success?

Join ON24 and Interprefy for “Scaling Into New Regions: How To Successfully Localise and Translate Your Events, Presentations and More,” where we’ll explore the key considerations that will help you to expand into new markets and strengthen relationships through events that you can run across the globe. Learn as we cover:

  • The key trends that are making previously local events have a global impact.
  • The pitfalls and challenges to avoid as you expand into new territories.
  • The best practices to efficiently scale with minimal effort.
  • How to ensure you deliver the best experience no matter the audience, language or market.

*Live interpretations and closed captioning will be available for this event in German, French and Spanish.

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