Create a Cohesive Journey for your Digital Events​


Michelle Blondin, Director, Demand Generation at ON24
Melissa Canavan, Marketing Programs Manager at ON24

Digital engagement extends beyond simply hosting a webinar or virtual event. It’s how you engage and connect with audiences before, during, and after the live date that makes all the difference between a one-time attendee and a lifelong customer. 

Join us and learn how to “Create a Cohesive Journey for your Digital Events.” You’ll get a behind the scenes experience as Melissa Canavan (ON24 Marketing Programs Manager) and Michelle Blondin (Director of Demand Generation) deconstruct the execution process of our recent event: “Beyond the Webinar,” and share insights on how we turned a standalone webinar into a cohesive, high-converting experience. 

You’ll see how we: 

  • Created in-event opportunities to spark 1:1 conversations with sales
  • Aligned with sales before, during, and after the event to maximise success 
  • Built an immersive virtual trade show environment to drive interactivity 
  • Kept attendees engaged after the event with customisable after-show tracks, personalised follow-up and relevant content offers. 

Watch the webinar