#Ghosted: How To Engage and Convert the Silent, the No-Shows, and the Unreachable

We’ve all seen it. A lead or account signs up to a webinar, downloads a ton of resources and it looks like they’re really interested in you. But when it comes to attending an event or taking that first call with an SDR – they ghost you. It sucks.

So how can we engage these no shows – or at least try and figure out who’s serious and who’s wasting our time?

Join us for this latest FastFWD webinar where we will go through how to deal with your no shows. In this session we’ll explore:

  • Why you need to differentiate between marketer-defined engagement and engagement that means a lead is ready for a conversion.
  • How to re-engage no shows with diverse content, formats and channels.
  • Balancing the need of your buyer to work on their terms vs. your need to know if they are ever going to buy.
  • Tips, tricks and actions to take with no shows to make your pipeline stronger and more reliable.

Watch the Webinar