Education as Marketing: Create a demand-driving marketing channel with educational content

Audiences need educational content more than ever. In an effort to stay ahead of trends, learn new skills and identify the solutions they need, professionals have increased their digital content consumption year after year.

However, creating educational content that does more than skim the surface is a real challenge. This is particularly the case when it comes to teaching people how to make the best of today’s powerful technology, giving them the skills they need for professional success and building lasting loyalty to your brand. So what are the steps that marketers should follow?

This webinar will reveal the exact steps you need to take. Join experts from ON24, NetLine, Demandbase and Inverta to find out:

  • Why educational content performs so well – and the data behind it.
  • How certification programmes can help you engage new target accounts, reduce churn and increase lifetime value.
  • The key steps behind Demandbase’s successful ABM Certification programme.
  • The pitfalls to avoid in developing your own programmes.
  • Tips, tricks and hacks to get your educational content off to a flying start in 2021.

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