Who Owns Pipeline?

Dan Frohen, CMO, Sendoso
Mark Bornstein, VP of Marketing, ON24
Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense
Maria Pergolino, CMO, Active Campaign

Who really owns pipeline today? Sales? Marketing? Both? Should we all finally become one big team? At a time where all business is digital, these are real questions that we have to answer, and it’s time for CMOs to confess their true feelings on the matter.

Join us for what is bound to be our most controversial episode of “CMO Confessions” yet, where we will take-on the ultimate subject: “Who owns pipeline?” Three CMOs from some of today’s leading Martech brands will confess their innermost thoughts on the new role of marketing, including:

• Are MQLs even relevant anymore?
• If we own the funnel, do we own all revenue?
• Should sales and marketing finally merge?
• Should marketers get commissions?

Buckle up for some unscripted truth telling. Watch now.

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