Is ABM just B2B Marketing?

Moderator: Mark Bornestin, VP of Marketing, ON24

Dan Frohen, CMO, Sendoso
Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense
Marc Johnson, GM & CMO, Bombora

No single term has ever meant so many different things to different marketers than Account-based-marketing. Despite ABM’s definition, everyone seems to agree that it’s B2B marketing’s bright and shiny object.

So why does ABM have so many shades of grey? And, what about ABM is all that different from B2B marketing anyway?

Join us for a webinar debate where our panel of CMOs from 6Sense, Sendoso, Bombora and ON24 will sit down and hash out:

  • Whether ABM can be done programmatically and at scale
  • What you need to run an ABM programme, and ways to align to business needs
  • How to organise for ABM and where to prioritise alignment
  • If ABM should/can be integrated into everything, or reserved for only the highest priority accounts

Get ready for some ABM clarity.

Watch the webinar