Step by Step: Creating a Connected Event Journey

According to SiriusDecisions, it takes 16 touches to make a sale. With webinars and digital events, we can consolidate those touchpoints into one holistic experience. But how do we make sure we’re optimising our digital events for every engagement opportunity, from interest to purchase? 

Attend “Step by Step: Creating a Connected Event Journey,” where Emily Smith (Marketing Director, ON24) and Zarina Stanik (Head of Events, Ceros) will break down the touchpoints that lead to conversion, and show you how to build digital experiences that put buyers on an accelerated path to purchase.  

You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate interest and promote interaction long before your live event date 
  • Create two-way engagement for deeper first-person insights 
  • Build continuous content journeys within live events to support discovery 
  • Activate engagement data to set SDRs up for success post-event 

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