A Playbook for the Perfect (Digital) Demo

Your virtual event is over and your programmatic series is up and running. What else can you do to enhance your digital experience? Create an engaging, recurring demo that connects with audiences, accelerates your pipeline and scales with your growth. 

Tune into our three-part series, “Back2Basics: A Playbook for the Perfect (Digital) Demo,” to learn how you plan, produce and operationalise virtual demos that seamlessly integrate with your marketing tech stack, connects with audiences on a recurring basis and easily folds into your sales team’s process.

Here’s what’s in store: 

Planning the Demo 7 Sep. What goes into setting up a demo program? Tune into Back2Basics: Planning the Demo to learn the basics of how to plan, promote and templatise your demos for success. 

Producing the Demo9 Sep. What format should you use for your demo? How do you actually produce the demo? Brand it? Tune in to Back2Basics: Producing the Demo to learn what demo formats you should use, how you can personalise and what you can do to drive engagement throughout your recurring event. 

Optimising the Demo11 Sep.  Learn how to get the most out of your demo in Back2Basics: Optimising the Demo. During this webinar, you’ll discover the basics of your marketing and sales teams can monitor Q&A, segment, score and identify hot leads and get demo attendees into meetings. 

All events will run at 11 a.m. BST (12 p.m. CEST). Register now!

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