Account-Based Marketing and Prospecting Plays To Delight Buyers and Your Sales Team

Emily Smith – EMEA Marketing Director, ON24
Tom Castley, VP, EMEA, Outreach
Kevin Rooney, Sr. Director of Sales Development, DemandBase
Andrew Warren-Payne – Founder, Marketing for Marketers

Today’s B2B marketers and sales pros have more data and tech to power their pipeline than ever before. Any rep can prospect to thousands of contacts and any marketer can build target account-lists in a very short timeframe.

But there’s a problem — today’s buyers are overwhelmed by untargeted and irrelevant outreach. And when they receive unaligned messages sent by both marketers and sales reps, it creates a bad experience that can turn them off. So what can B2B marketers do to fix the problem, work better with sales and deliver great account-based experiences that turn into revenue?

Join experts from Demandbase, ON24 and Outreach to discover the key plays that will deliver results. In this session you’ll learn:

  • The data and processes that will help you identify accounts that are ready and willing to speak to sales.
  • The types of experience that will win attention and engagement.
  • How to help coach and enable your reps to drive conversations and conversions.
  • What you need to do to orchestrate account-based journeys that you can expand and scale.

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*Live interpretations and closed captioning will be available for this event in German, French and Spanish.

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