How to Make Your ABM Programmes Scalable Using Webinars

B2B marketers have almost always had their performance determined at least in part by the numbers of leads they are able to generate for sales. But this has become increasingly difficult, with 63% of B2B marketers reporting that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge, a challenge compounded by the fact that prospects often research solutions anonymously.

At the same time, buying decisions have become increasingly complex, with the average number of people being involved rising year-over-year. Selling solutions depends on achieving consensus.

So how can B2B marketers adapt to this new world? And what tools and technology can they use to achieve success? Based on ON24’s comprehensive guide, this session will explore:

  • The need for ABM in today’s B2B marketing environment
  • The ABM model
  • How webinars help with ABM
  • Setting the foundations for ABM success
  • How to focus on a high-value offer
  • Checklists to plan your ABM approach

Join Andrew Warren-Payne as he presents The Webinerd’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing. Register now.