Webinerd Award Winners 2019

The Webinerd Award Winners stand out because they used ON24 webinars in remarkable ways. They revolutionized their marketing campaigns. They took their webinar program from zero to 10,000 miles-per-hour at the drop of a hat.

This year’s award winners accomplished some amazing feats. A few used webinars to source more than $74 million in pipeline. Others pushed continuing professional education forward and issued more than 640,000 credits through ON24. Each winner earned their spot through remarkable marketing.

This ebook highlights how these webinerds:

  • Put webinars at the center and overhauled their marketing efforts
  • Used small adjustments in a webinar program to boost pipeline
  • Scaled their marketing efforts with webinar tracks

Download this ebook to learn how the 2019 Webinerd Award Winners made it happen.