How to Optimize Prospect Engagement and Conversion

Too often, marketing teams think their job ends when they hand over leads to sales. But there’s so much more that can be done to impact the bottom line – and ultimately, increase marketing’s contribution to both new sales and customer lifetime value. 

Webinars provide a fantastic opportunity here, so how can they be used to deliver better experiences and drive results? In this mini-report, we’ll describe why customer-focused webinars are so effective, how they should be structured to drive the best results and drive opportunities for sales, and how webinar content can be used for content hubs that excite new prospects and help existing customers get the most out of your offering.

Read on to discover:

  • Why focusing on engagement results in a stronger marketing-generated pipeline.
  • The key questions you should ask yourself when planning your webinars.
  • How to collect insight from your webinars that your sales team will love.
  • Why optimizing your content hubs can accelerate the speed at which your prospects convert.