ON24 Marketing Playbook: Planning and Running a Hybrid Event

First there was physical. Then there was digital. Now, conferences and events are shifting to a hybrid model — one where equal attention is given to digital and physical audiences — to engage attendees no matter where they are. 

But hybrid events are complicated, requiring a lot of planning and coordination across multiple teams to execute. Where’s a marketer to start? 

Our latest ON24 Marketing Playbook: “Planning and Running a Hybrid Event” has you covered. In this guide, you’ll learn the essential elements needed to plan and run a successful hybrid event — from setting objectives and strategic touchpoints to designing environments and creating on-demand experiences. 

In this free playbook, you’ll learn:

  • What a hybrid event is and when to deploy one
  • How to set objectives and create a strategy for your hybrid event
  • What kind of hybrid experiences you can build and the design elements you can use to make it shine
  • The basics of creating and scaling an on-demand experience and how to get sales to act on the data you’ve collected

Download now! 

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