Driving Webinar Registration Best Practices Guide

Boosting webinar registration and webinar attendance rates is a major struggle for most companies. While hosting webinars is a powerful tool for communicating with customers, prospects, and employees across multiple time zones and geographies, running a webinar is only as effective as your ability to get people to attend it. Today, there has never been more competition for the time and attention of target audiences. We regularly poll groups about their top webinar challenges, and the #1 answer, every time, is driving webinar registration.

There are three major challenges for increasing webinar registration and webinar attendance rates:

  • Webinars are everywhere. Because running a webinar is effective for exhibiting leadership, upping engagement, and generating leads, everyone is doing it. There’s a lot of competition for your audience’s time.
  • Your audience is busier than ever. In this era of lean workforces and 24/7 communications, driving webinar registration requires a great value proposition. To convince your audience to give up an hour in the middle of a workday when they are already under enormous time pressure, your webinar promotion best practices need to prove that you’re running a webinar that addresses their needs.
  • Audience receptivity is elusive. Boosting webinar attendance rates requires good timing. Send a webinar registration invitation on the wrong day, and your recipient might not even look at it. On a different day, they may be very receptive to your message. To increase webinar attendance, marketers must optimize invitations.


  • When to start your webinar promotion cycle
  • Webinar promotion best practices for choosing the most effective channels
  • Best weekday and time to host your webinars for maximum attendance
  • Tips for creating effective registration and landing pages

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