5 Creative Ideas to Propel Your Webinars

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A great webinar will drive leads, engage your audience, and position your company as a thought leader. But too often marketers fall into old habits, delivering dull webinars where the presenter just talks and the attendees just listen. You can’t get an interactive webinar or an engaged audience with dry slides and a tired voice. A restrictive format lulls presenters into going over the same themes again and again — or, even worse, into pitching products at their attendees. And no one likes that.

Making a webinar exciting is like spicing up a tired relationship. You need to break out of your routines, try new things, and be a little adventurous. Some of these ideas may sound crazy, but sometimes crazy is just what you need to engage your audience and shake up the status quo.

Highlights include:

  • How gamification can make complex data digestible and fun
  • Simple ways to add engaging video to your webinars
  • Informal and interactive webinar formats