Digital Experience Playbook: Driving One-to-One Engagement at Scale

Michelle Blondin, Sr. Director, Demand Generation & Operations @ ON24
Matilda Miglio, Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager @ Drift

Personalization or scalability? That’s the question on every marketer’s mind. Yet so few of us feel confident in our ability to create, produce and deliver digital experiences that achieve both. Until now. 

Watch “Digital Experience Playbook: Driving One-to-One Engagement at Scale,” where Michelle Blondin (Sr. Director of Demand Generation and Ops, ON24) and Matilda Miglio (Sr. Demand Gen Manager, Drift) will join forces to show you how to deliver and scale multi-channel digital experiences for highly-targeted audiences. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create frictionless experiences that keep buyers engaged with your brand 
  • Personalize every touchpoint to drive event attendance and interactivity 
  • Find the hidden opportunities to build engagement into every experience 
  • Use engagement insights to personalize follow up and turn attendees into sales conversations 

Why say “or” when you can say “and”? Watch now.

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