Re-inventing Event Strategies

Nick Runyon, CMO @ PFL
Mark Bornstein, VP of Marketing @ ON24
Latane Conant, CMO @ 6sense

For the B2B marketer, there are few events as critical as the yearly marquee event. These gatherings help drive messaging, introduce new products and bring organizations into direct contact  with the customers and prospects that actually use the company’s solutions. 

But over the course of 2020, events had to undergo a rapid digital transformation and live in the virtual world. The marketer’s favorite gathering lost its face-to-face touch. Is the physical conference gone for good and, if so, what will replace it? 

To find out, we’re sitting down with Latane Contant, CMO of 6Sense, and Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL, to discuss the future of big marketing events. Here’s what’s up for discussion:

  • What the future of the marquee event will look like.
  • How to balance physical and digital tactics together for a comprehensive hybrid event.
  • Tactics for integrating, generating and analyzing event-driven data. 
  • How marketing and sales can team up and drive results from events.

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