How Tintri saw triple-digit growth


Professional Polish for a Growing Business

Because Tintri is growing so rapidly, they are obsessive about scalability and only consider solutions that can grow with them. As they ramped up the growth of their demand generation program, Tintri quickly discovered that the tools they were using for webinars no longer fit their needs. Historically, they had hosted webinars with a meeting tool that lacked the integration and professional polish the up-and-coming tech company required.

For Tintri, the webinar program needed to map to the customer buying cycle. Their mission was to engage and attract new prospects (lead generation), to delight existing customers and to show the world what Tintri is all about. To do that, they would need a webinar platform that could handle a high volume of events and attendees.

When they looked at the competition, they discovered that most webinar companies were making claims of scalability they couldn’t support. Tintri knew their webinar program could be successful, but it would only be successful with the right tool. That tool was the vastly superior ON24 Webcast Elite.


Built to Scale

When Tintri’s global programs manager took over the webinar program, she felt like she was starting to build a small company from scratch – one that was focused on Tintri’s success. Fortunately, ON24 provided all the tools she needed to scale quickly.

ON24 gave Tintri features that helped drive measurable results:

  • Simulive events. By recording events ahead of time, Tintri had more flexibility in their schedule and in the topics their webinars covered. They were able to work around the schedules of analysts, presenters and other expert speakers.
  • On-demand webinar portal. Tintri would never record something and not replay it. In the do-more-with-less world of technology, there’s no room for that kind of waste. Since launching with ON24, their webinar page has become one of the top pages on the Tintri site, delivering more organic search traffic, more content and more lead generation.
  • Flawless integration. Tintri was already using Marketo and Salesforce, two platforms that sync flawlessly. Any new tools they adopted would need to sync with those two – and ON24 integrated seamlessly. On top of that, ON24 offered analytics on engagement, which added to Tintri’s existing lead intelligence.


A Lead Generation Machine

In a culture that thrives on measurable results, ON24 delivered: of all of the programs at Tintri, the webinar program became one of the best at lead generation. And since there’s no cost per event after the initial investment in the platform, all events are essentially free, making ON24 one of Tintri’s most cost-effective programs.

  • More events. With ON24, there is no cap to the number of webinars Tintri can deliver. Before switching to ON24, they struggled to host one event a month; now they routinely deliver three webinars each month – and sometimes more.
  • Enhanced lead generation. Tintri has seen triple-digit growth in new leads and new opportunities by their webinar program since switching to ON24. In the first quarter of implementing the webinar program, Tintri generated more leads than in the entire previous fiscal year.

Efficient ROI. Within months, Tintri’s ON24 webinar program generated new pipeline in the six-figure range. And since the initial setup was so affordable compared to other programs, the return on that investment has been among Tintri’s highest.