Digital-First Webinar Series APAC

Digital-First Process: Webinar Optimisation Secrets from Hortonworks

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What does a lean, mean webinar marketing machine actually look like and how does the team operate? Hortonworks (now a part of Cloudera) answers everything in this simulive recast. 

During this event you’ll learn: 

  • How the Hortonworks team plans, organises and executes it webinar program in 30 days
  • How templatising can help even the smallest team make the biggest organisational impact with webinars
  • Solid strategies for promotion and post-event follow up 

Watch on-demand to learn how the Hortonworks team makes it work!

Sudeep Misra, Director Demand Gen & Global Campaigns, Hortonworks

Wilfrid Butelet, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager, Hortonworks

Kait Disney- Leugers, Webinar Operations and Marketing Program Manager, Hortonworks