PromoteFH: How to Drive Webinar Registration from Afar

Getting global audiences on the same page is hard enough given even ideal conditions. But in a world where most of your audience is working from home in different time zones? Well, that’s not easy. 

But you’re not alone. Tune in to “PromoteFH: How to Drive Webinar Registration from Afar” on 6 May at 12:30 PM AEST | 10:30 AM SGT as our own Alexa Clauson and Ornaith Killen show you how you can organise and promote your webinars from home and afar. During this event, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Organise speakers and event assets from anywhere in the world
  • Synchronise promotions and time your virtual events to drive the biggest impact 
  • Keep your internal teams aligned and prepped for success
  • Keep audiences engaged before to the webinar with related content and more 
  • Continue generating registrations and engagement with on-demand events

Just because the world has gone WFH doesn’t mean you can’t PromoteFH. Register now to learn how you can get it done.